Community Beyond 9 to 5

Placing focus on the people and communities both within Axient and where our employees live, work, and play is the foundation of our corporate culture. In and outside of the workplace, we recognize our people and our communities are the keys to our success. Axient carries forward a steadfast commitment to be active participants and stewards of the communities, causes, and passions of our people.


Teamwork In & Out of the Office

With Axcelerators in Action, we recognize that fostering a culture of volunteerism isn't just about giving back; it's about creating a profound connection between our employees and the communities they serve. Encouraging our team to volunteer not only enriches their lives, but also empowers them to make a tangible difference where it matters most. Together, we're not just shaping a better company; we're building brighter futures for all.
Nancy Foor Community Engagement Coordinator


“I firmly believe that strong companies achieve success because of the great people who dedicate their energy and passion to delivering expertise to our customers and our company.”

Randy Cash | President and Chief Executive Officer

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Axient Women in Threat Engineering

Axient’s Women in Threat Engineering are key to the success of our customers and the nation’s missile defense capabilities. This team provides expertise to the Navy and Missile Defense Agency with products that define the adversary missile systems and associated phenomena, which in turn, are used in the design of the nation’s missile defense systems. By providing high-fidelity threat characterizations that include intelligence uncertainty and other threat variations, these women in Threat Engineering help ensure the most capable missile defense systems to protect our warfighters, our nation, and allies.

Axient Future Leaders (AFL) Program

Axient kicked off our inaugural Axient Future Leaders (AFL) program last year with employee participation across all our customer segments and functional corporate teams. In support of Axient’s core value for career development and growth, Future Leaders take a year-long journey building mentor relationships with senior leadership and exploring topics designed to equip them for future leadership opportunities. Their acceptance into the program requires their personal commitment to investing in their growth and using the experience to make a positive impact at Axient.

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Axient Fellows Alliance (AFA)

The Axient Fellows Alliance (AFA) is a prestigious recognition program established to identify those who are among the best in their respective fields and have made significant, long-term, technical, and/or strategic contributions to Axient.