Mission-Focused Capabilities

Digital Engineering
Digital Engineering

Axient delivers expertise in expediting and enhancing the process of complex system design with detailed digital engineering and simulation, scenario development, and high-fidelity six-degree-of-freedom (6-DoF) digital simulation modeling and analysis.

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Axient is a thought-leader in model-based systems engineering and development applied to complex systems including spacecraft, ground systems, and launch systems. Our proven expertise in MBSE and model-based software development expedites the development, integration, and test of defense and space systems. Axient delivers advanced modeling, simulation, software and analysis expertise to help our customers in the development, evaluation and test of next generation weapon systems.

Threat Engineering
Threat Engineering

Axient provides high-fidelity, threat engineering data through modeling, simulation, and physics-based engineering of the world’s threat systems. This includes threat system engineering tailored to U.S. weapon system design needs, to sophisticated algorithm design — real time and simulation. Axient uses its own 6DoF, Radar Cross Section, IR signature, debris and hypersonic phenomenology models, as well as accepted government tools. Axient has provided threat and systems engineering services and critical path products in support of ACAT 1 programs.

Missile Systems

We provide comprehensive systems engineering expertise throughout the missile system development lifecycle from concept development through operational deployment. We have 20+ years of expertise delivering engineering services and solutions for the design, development, test, operations, and enhancements to our Nation’s missile systems. Our customers include:

  • Missile Defense Agency
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Navy

Simulation Expertise

Axient pioneered the concept of fully-correlated, time-synchronized flight dynamics and RF/Infrared (IR) signature data to support high-fidelity system simulation and real-time hardware in the loop applications. Key tools include:

  • Threat scene generators (PULSEbox) 
  • 6DoF M&S environment (GENESIS) 
  • RF Signature 3-D Scattering Center Models (3DSCMs) 
  • Debris Simulation (DebrisSim) 
  • Other models that capture threat scene effects