Civil Air Solutions

Federal Aviation Administration

Axient helps the FAA ensure the safety, efficiency, and security of air traffic operations across the entire National Airspace System (NAS) and works collaboratively towards the safe and efficient accommodation of launch and reentry operations in the National Air Space. Axient delivers services and software solutions in the planning and real-time operations of launch vehicles and re-entry vehicles in the NAS to ensure protection of the public, property, and the national security of the United States during these activities. Our CMMI-3 certified agile software development expertise is applied to real-time operations, displays, and performance analysis. We also have expertise in the FAA processes for the commercial launch vehicle licensing and approval process.

DoD Solutions

U.S. Army Range Operations

Axients improves operations and instrumentation to the Army’s Range Radar Replacement Program (RRRP) by providing program management oversight / assistance, independent analysis and assessment of system requirements, assessment of contractor design and production, system testing, test facility operations and effects, evaluation of system performance, and acceptance testing results.

Facilities and Environmental Engineering Expertise

  • Compliance
  • Engineering studies
  • Basing concept analysis
  • Master planning
  • Military construction planning and management
  • Installation management
  • National Environmental Policy Act activities
  • Environmental planning
  • Pollution prevention
  • Conservation / preservation

Facility and Mission Equipment Management System (FAMEMS)

Axient’s FAMEMS is an advanced tool for management planning focused on facility design concepts, budgetary planning, and operational reality. FAMEMS combines dimensionally accurate, 3-D graphical presentations with a tailored database to provide customers with access to complete configuration information on products, systems, and facilities.