Delivering advanced test and evaluation, modeling and simulation, and high-end systems engineering and integration expertise to help the Army develop, evaluate and test next generation weapon systems including using state-of-the-art Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and digital engineering techniques for customers across the aviation and missiles and space communities.

Air Force

Delivering exceptional engineering services and solutions to multiple Air Force customers, including organizations within the Life Cycle Management Center, Air Force Test Center, Air Force Special Operations Command, and Air Force Research Laboratory.

Missile Defense

Delivering comprehensive systems engineering and test expertise across the entire Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) development efforts including Advanced Technology, Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (ABMD), Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD), Command & Control, Battle Management, and Communications (C2BMC), International Programs, Targets and Countermeasures, Threat Engineering, and Test Engineering.


Delivering engineering, integration, test, and mission execution services and solutions to NAVSEA, NAVAIR, Naval Surface Warfare Centers, the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and more across multiple missions such as missile defense, air defense, combat systems, missile systems, aircraft carriers, and international development programs.


Axient advances defense and civilian missions from aerospace to cyberspace with multi-domain test and analysis, mission engineering and operations, and advanced technologies. We enable our customers to act and respond at mission speed, making customers more capable, decisions more informed, and outcomes more certain.

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