Corporate Leadership

Randy Cash
Randy Cash
President & Chief Executive Officer
Gerald Burnett
Chief Operating Officer / Executive Vice President
Dan Deans
Chief Growth Officer / Executive Vice President
John DeFourneaux
Chief Technical Officer / Executive Vice President
Jay Kovacs
Chief Innovation Officer / Senior Vice President
Patience Samson
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer / Senior Vice President
Porf Dubón
Chief Strategy Officer / Vice President
Angie Helms
Chief Financial Officer / Executive Vice President
Teresa Roberson
Vice President, Contracts and Compliance
Mickey Bourne
Senior Vice President, Naval Strategies

Operations Leadership

Dan Benjamin
Senior Vice President, National Security & Space Systems
Joe Clayton
Senior Vice President, Axient DCI, Advanced Technology Solutions
Larry Foor
Senior Vice President, Defense Systems
Reese Hauenstein
Senior Vice President, Integrated Force Systems
Jon Sharpe
Senior Vice President, Civil Air and Space Systems