Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Highlight

Axient Always Delivers

For more than 17 years, Axient has delivered engineering services to MDA in multiple locations across numerous contracts. Most recently, Axient served as Prime Contractor on the TEAMS Test, Exercises and Wargames (TEW) contract, providing exceptional collaboration on 64 Flight Tests, 33 Ground Tests, 118 Wargames and Exercises events. Additionally, Axient served as a subcontractor on multiple TEAMS contracts, including BMD SE, WMSE, C3BM Engineering, Specialty Engineering, Predictive Engineering, and Test Provisioning.

Our Experience Includes:
  • Test Exercises and Wargames (TEW)
  • Weapons and Missiles Systems Engineering
  • International Programs Engineering
  • BMDS Systems Engineering
  • C3BM Engineering
  • Threat Engineering
  • Risk & Lethality
  • Test Provisioning
  • Specialty Engineering
  • Cyber Engineering
  • Logistics


An Overview of MDA Success
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