Quantitech Proudly Supports US Return to the Moon

QuantiTech’s Space and Missile Defense Division’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) work hard to support the mission of the NASA Artemis I program – to return Americans to the Moon by 2024. Recently, our SMEs have been supporting NASA’s quest to successfully deliver propulsion elements for the Space Launch System (SLS), the most powerful rocket in the world.

The SLS team has been focused on the Green Run Test Series – an eight-part full-up testing of the flight hardware propulsion tanks, engines, avionics, etc. taking place at Stennis Space Center. The objective of the test series is to verify that the hardware and software systems and sub-systems perform as designed, and to anchor / validate analytical designs and models. During the first seven tests, the team methodically brings several complex systems to life and checks their functionality. On the eighth and final test, the team will bring it all together and fire up the rocket’s core stage for up to eight minutes. Test eight will be the final check to verify the stage is ready for launch.

Artemis I Green Run Checklist

Working side by side as an integral part of the NASA SLS Green Run Team, QuantiTech team members Doug Perdomo, Pepper Philips, and Patty Stratton are actively engaged in bringing best practices and former program lessons-learned to enhance Green Run plans and processes. They are involved in the development of Green Run schedules and integrating and supporting the comprehensive test objectives that will bring the core stage flight hardware to life for the first time. In preparation for the test series, many QuantiTech Team members played instrumental roles in the processing of SLS Core Stage hardware; led an Independent Review Team regarding test plans and schedules; supported Avionics software development and verification; and participated in the Flight Analysis Working Group and Flight System Safety initiatives.

We are proud of the QuantiTech Space and Missile Defense Team’s vital work serving alongside our NASA customers in support of the USA’s return to the Moon for the first time in over 40 years.