The Axient Women of the AFRC ETSS Contract

The Axient Women of the Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) Engineering Technical Support Services (ETSS) contract provide subject matter expertise across numerous projects and aircraft platforms. This includes: Axient ETSS site contract management, task order lead functions across multiple task orders, logistics, risk development/management, scheduling, configuration/data management and programmatic/analytical expertise. They also deliver expertise on a variety of AFRC platforms and projects to include, but not limited to:  X-59 Low Boom Flight Demonstrator (LBFD), X-57 Maxwell (distributed electric propulsion aircraft), support fleet aircraft (F-15, F-18, King Air, T-34s, etc.), Earth Sciences platforms (e.g., SOFIA, ER-2, C-20, DC-8) and unmanned arial systems (e.g., Global Hawk). They are a cohesive and powerhouse team of Axient women that ensures NASA’s AFRC’s missions are successfully managed and executed.