Quantitech Employees Give Back During Pandemic

When Justin Beaupre, a Test Engineer supporting IF/RCO, heard about the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) from an engineer and famous YouTuber in town, Smarter Every Day’s Destin Sandlin, he was eager to find a way to rise to meet the challenge. Beaupre said, “I heard about the need and started [3D] printing on my own, which resulted in asking for QuantiTech support with the company printers, equipment, and materials.” During the project, they utilized nine 3D printers and materials at QuantiTech, as well as multiple 3D printers and materials donated by QuantiTech employees.

The team quickly became one of the largest PPE contributors in the area and helped increase production in the valley until a more permanent solution was found to produce PPE locally. In total, the team created ~300 face shield retainers and ~450 masks. QuantiTech recognizes and appreciates the hard work of Patrick Allen, Justin Beaupre, Cassie Jones, Jonathan McLaury, Eric Peterson, Dennis Sandlin, and Rob Weber. Thank you for stepping up and helping meet a need in our community!