Dan Catalano Inducted to AEDC Fellows Program

The Arnold Community Council (ACC) recently recognized four outstanding contributors to our nation’s aerospace excellence at the Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) as AEDC Fellows for 2020, including QuantiTech’s Daniel “Dan” Catalano. AEDC established the Fellows program to recognize people who have made exceptionally distinguished contributions to the center’s flight-testing mission of advancing aerospace excellence for national programs and multiple federal agencies.

Dan Catalano was selected as a 2020 Craft Fellow to recognize his testing and design contributions at AEDC as a hypersonics engineer for the Technical, Management, and Advisory Services (TMAS) Range Contract. Since his career began in 1979, Mr. Catalano has received multiple Technical Achievement Awards for his proficiency and knowledge in designing new periscopes, rakes, and probes that can endure high-temperature afterburning augmentor exhausts of the latest modern military jet engines. Most notably, Catalano led the design and development of the “first-ever” fully conformed cooling system of a large rake outfitted with cooled probes utilizing a new procedure called electroforming. The rake was tested and successfully provided the Secretary of the Air Force a method to meet gas sampling needs for the air fleet. Catalano’s long career span at AEDC, along with his attention to detail and efficiency, has been core to his success. His talents are widely known at AEDC and have been used to further the AEDC testing arena’s capabilities.

Mr. Catalano’s selection as an AEDC Fellow follows in the footsteps of eight other QuantiTech employees: Dr. Robert Howard, Dr. Robert Hiers, Glen Lazalier, Mike Mills, Marvin Sellers, Frank Langham, David Beale, and Grant Patterson. QuantiTech is extremely proud of the significant contributions made by our team of AEDC Fellows, and we look forward to continuing to support the frontier of air and space technologies!

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