Axient Team Contributes to Debuted X-59 Supersonic Aircraft

Over the past year, Axient’s NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center’s (AFRCs) Engineering Technical Support Services (ETSS) personnel have provided exceptional support to NASA’s X-59 quiet supersonic aircraft. From configuration management, project scheduling and logistics support to developing software check cases and Failure Mode Effectivity Test (FMET) procedures, which will be used as a risk reduction effort, we have supported the X-59’s Low Boom Flight Demonstrator project. Axient provided risk assessment to X-59 related to the vehicle management system (VMS) and was instrumental to the successful review, test, and delivery of the Survey Test Software to NASA, ensuring the software is ready for use during sonic flight to determine community response to those flights. Axient also developed the Life Support System (LLS) section of the overall X-59 Flight Test Plan, which was approved by NASA and Lockheed Martin for release. Axient was instrumental in getting 2 (out of 3) X-59 ejection seats modified, emergency oxygen system checked-out (SCO) and greenlit for operation, and supported the wiring design of the Schlieren cameras which will support the X-59 photography efforts. These efforts, and those of the entire X-59 team, have been instrumental in ensuring the continued success of NASA’s and Lockheed Martin’s X-59 program.
image credit: NASA