Axient Joins Dayton UDRI's Digital Transformation Center

Axient, a leader in Digital Engineering defense programs, announced this week that it is joining the University of Dayton UDRI’s Digital Transformation Center (DTC). The DTC, the first of its kind in Dayton, is a purposely designed facility to meet the current needs of the Air Force Material Command digital transformation mission and foment collaboration with industry and academia. The Digital Transformation Center is sited at 1520 S. Main St. in Dayton, at the front door of onMain, Dayton’s Imagination District. The future innovation district is located just 15 minutes west of Wright-Patterson AFB, adjacent to the University of Dayton and a few minutes southeast of Sinclair Community College, providing significant opportunities for industry, our military and academia to join forces in advancing digital transformation. This unique environment allows Axient to work and further develop close relationships with its industry and academia partners, as it delivers the digital expertise required of today’s sophisticated weapon systems acquisition life cycle.

Image credit: University of Dayton Research Institute