Axient Future Leaders Inaugural Class Celebrates Completion of Yearlong Program

Axient would like to congratulate our 2023 Axient Future Leaders (AFL) class on their graduation and completion of their year-long commitment to the AFL program!
Axient kicked off our inaugural Axient Future Leaders program last year with employee participation across all our customer segments and functional corporate teams. In support of Axient’s core value of career development and growth, Future Leaders took a yearlong journey building relationships with senior leadership and each other and exploring topics designed to equip them for future leadership opportunities. Future Leaders participated in sessions to increase awareness of Axient capabilities, expand knowledge of customer missions and Axient business practices, and participate in practical, role-play learning sessions. Future Leaders also benefited from mentors who invest in their growth, serve as an advocate, and provide sound advice for the Future Leader’s career development. These employees were nominated by their leadership, and their acceptance into the program requires their personal commitment to investing in their growth and using the experience to make a positive impact at Axient.
Congratulations again to the Axient Future Leaders’ inaugural class, whose celebration was held recently at Axient headquarters in Huntsville, AL! Your fellow team members, mentors, and leaders are all excited to see how you will continue to accelerate possible at Axient!
2023 Axient Future Leaders Graduates:
  1. Byran West
  2. David Stankey
  3. David Walker
  4. Krista Dawson
  5. Derek McLane
  6. Chad Looser
  7. Andrea Nazzal
  8. Rylan Cox
  9. CJ Dorsey
  10. Jim LaPierre
  11. Jesse Rayad

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