Axient Debuts First 3U CubeSat "IGOR" at Space Symposium

Axient is thrilled to announce the debut of our first 3U CubeSat, “IGOR,” at Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado this week! Axient’s Small Satellite team, Space Monkey, is poised to become the nation’s most accessible and reliable creator and collaborator of CubeSat missions and will make space experiments conveniently achievable.
Last year, Axient debuted our Space Monkey team at Space Symposium. The Space Monkey team is agile, aggressive, and shaped by history and heritage. Comprised of innovative and experienced experts with more than 165 years of collective CubeSat experience, Space Monkey offers a unique capability to design, develop, and deliver experimental and operational CubeSat missions for space endeavors. Just one year later, we are proud to share Space Monkey is scheduled to launch its first CubeSat, IGOR, in September 2024.
IGOR marks a significant milestone in our journey towards innovation in small satellite design and manufacturing. IGOR’s mission is packed with groundbreaking objectives to assess the stabilizing and pointing accuracy of magnetorquers on a 3U CubeSat. The satellite will utilize the Iridium satellite network for telemetry, with transmissions beginning 60 seconds after deployment. Orbotic Systems’ D3 will accelerate the deorbiting of IGOR using deployed surface area to increase drag and effects of atmospheric friction.
Whatever the mission requires, Axient delivers market credibility and reliability to explore the art of possible. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this groundbreaking mission into the cosmos!
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