Axcelerators in Action Come Together at Curtis Cares Center at Kids to Love

Our incredible Axcelerators in Action came together at the Curtis Cares Center at Kids to Love last month, spreading joy and making a positive impact in our community! Here’s a quick recap of the heartwarming moments we shared:
Hang Clothing: Our volunteers went above and beyond, sorting and hanging clothing with care.
Put Donated Items on Shelves: The shelves are now organized and brimming with kindness!
Shop Christmas Wish Lists: ‘Tis the season of giving, and our team embraced the holiday spirit by shopping for Christmas wish lists at the Curtis Cares Center.
Keep the Space Clean and Organized: Our volunteers rolled up their sleeves, ensuring that the center is a welcoming and organized haven for everyone.
Thank you to our amazing team for dedicating their time and energy to making a difference! Together, we’re not just building a company; we’re building a community that cares.

To hear more about how we invest our time and energy back into our community through Axcelerators in Action, visit Axient’s Our People page.