Product Development Center (PDC)

The PDC is a software development and maintenance organization that provides innovative software solutions and services for civil, commercial, and government agencies and organizations.

Flight Analysts Workstation Software (FAWS)

Axient’s SENTRY™ Flight Analysts Workstation Software (FAWS) allows for the design, development, and validation of Autonomous Flight Safety System (AFSS) Mission Rules – enabling a vehicle to take appropriate actions when needed.

Threat Engineering

Developing a characterization of the adversary threat, with fidelity, to drive weapon system design to meet operational needs.

Physics-Based Unlimited-Scalability Simulation Environment (PULSE)

PULSE is the culmination of Axient’s threat scene over 25 years of threat engineering experience serving the Navy and Missile Defense Warfighter and Intelligence Community by providing high-fidelity, physics-based threat engineering models representing the integrated air and missile defense threat scene.


RIMFIRE’s failure reporting and correcting action tracking saves time, money, and lives.

Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering transforms the Systems Engineering process for designing complex systems through use of models as opposed to documents.

Army Aviation

Axient has partnered with the Army Aviation community to develop & deploy solutions for our customers to achieve mission requirements.