Launch and Integration Services Multi-Disciplinary Engineering

For decades, Axient Launch & Integration Services (L&IS) has successfully partnered with NASA, DoD, FAA, NOAA, and commercial space launch providers in delivering engineering, operations, program support, safety & mission assurance, range operations, and IT services on highly complex space, aeronautics, and near-space programs.

METTS III Program Highlight

RSi-QuantiTech JV LLC is fulfilling the NASA MSFC requirements for services covering a wide range of engineering technicians and trade skills, and professional and management oversight of the technical staff at Marshall Space Flight Center. We provide direct support to the MSFC Engineering Directorate (ED), the Facilities Management Office (FMO), and other MSFC programs and projects requiring engineering technician and trade support services.

Operational Risk & Containment Analyzer (ORCA)

Axient’s SENTRY™ Operational Risk & Containment Analyzer (ORCA) is a risk & hazard assessment tool suite designed to support high fidelity analysis and visualization of hazard areas for land populations, vessels at sea, and aircraft in flight resulting from debris generated by normal and malfunction flight of launch vehicles, hypersonic and uninhabited aerial system testing, and reentering spacecraft.

Non-Destructive Testing

Axient supports Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) programs for the Army AMCOM Corrosion Program Office, supporting the Active and Reserve NDT soldiers in the field.

Digital Transformation Capability

Axient’s industry-proven, cloud-first, and “container-smart” approach accelerates USG stakeholder code migration to a cloud-based DevOps architecture to facilitate community engagement. This engagement optimizes our nation’s models and enhances collaboration, providing the USG community with efficient and easy access to the code, data, and tools.

Delivering Digital Transformation to Space Systems Command

Axient is developing an intuitive DevSecOps environment with a cloud-based, integrated digital thread and digital engineering capable of managing multiple Ground Systems data and models, tactical source code development, M&S, analysis tools, and tactical deployed systems data and models. We are utilizing this integrated digital engineering and DevSecOps approach to enable SSC to maintain Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) prototypes for a Systems of Systems (SoS) to support USSF, SSC, and DoD capabilities. Axient invests in and utilizes physical and virtual facilities, as well as partnerships and collaborations to deliver Space Ground Systems innovation from anywhere.

Driving Safe and Assured Missions for NASA

Colorful universe and constellation with million stars at night

Axient is a premier provider of Safety & Mission Assurance (S&MA) to NASA missions of all types and risk paradigms, from Class A and manned flight levels to Class D. We perform these services on all types of space missions, from airborne and suborbital payload flights, to large and complex on-orbit observatories in low earth, geostationary, deep space, lunar, and Mars space environments.

Axient SE&I Testbed for CubeSats & SmallSats (ASTeCS)

ASTeCS is a HWIL testbed framework used for design, development, and testing of satellite avionics and flight software. It is a combination of the ARTEMIS (Advanced Real Time Environment for Modeling, Integration, and Simulation) simulation framework, the MAESTRO (Managed Automation Environment for Simulation, Test, and Real-time Operations) orchestration capability, and a suite of satellite system models used to integrate and test CubeSats.